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Thor Motocross or ThorMX is one of first manufacturers of clothing designed for the sport of motocross. When the founder of this company travelled to America to take part in some races and to and promote the sport of motocross in the mid 1960s, he inadvertently began to develop Thor riding gear. Thor is a company that knows what's needed to get to the top and stay there. It is one of the very few brands with more than four decades of experience in the motocross marketplace.

Thor core pants are routinely worn by the world's top motocross riders. These pants as well as other Thor products are designed to fit well and to give the wearer the ultimate level of protection and durability. Thor goes to great lengths to ensure that every last detail is attended to so that Thor jerseys, pants, quadrant protectors, gloves and goggles offer up the best there is in terms of performance, comfort, style and functionality.